Why us?

We live and breathe all things events

It’s not a sideline, or an after-thought, or something that’s nice to put in the company brochure. It’s what we do, day in, day out and that means you get the best results.


We’re inquisitive by nature

This often leads to great breakthroughs. It also means we approach things from unique angles that you may not have thought of.


We’re a privately owned company

We have nobody to answer to, except our clients, which means we actively search for and work with organizations that we get excited about. We specialise in the creatively planning and precision running of the event. We are passionate about results!


We’re easy to work with

We keep things simple and are pretty straightforward. We believe life should be a succession of:

Exciting projects
Clear objectives
Measurable outcomes


We’ve been doing this for ages

Since 2001 in fact. And think we’re pretty good at it.

Please feel free to follow our Blog to find out how much we know and love this business.


WHAT makes us a valuable partner?

IDEAS – We know one good idea is more effective than anything else.
INGENUITY – Our DNA is based on inventiveness.
INCITEMENT – Ideas that inspire, excite, arouse and motivate.
INTEGRATION – Maximising synergies, savings and impact.
INVESTMENT – A commitment to deliver results and ROI.
INTERACTIVITY – Connecting with consumers wherever they may be.
IMAGINATION – A belief that anything is possible.
INTEGRITY – Total transparency and accountability in everything we do.


11 more reasons:

  • We take care of all logistical, technical and administrative aspects of the meeting.
  • Due to the large amount of business we generate, we are in the unique position to offer you more competitive rates.
  • We have a database of over 3500 conference & event venues throughout Southern Africa and have first-hand experience with many of them.  All specific venue information is immediately available.
  • One service provider, one invoice.
  • A professional approach is taken at all times.
  • We have developed strategic alliances with a number of specialist supply companies throughout Southern Africa. These associations bring some of the most skilled and talented specialists onto our projects.
  • Each event will be allocated a primary coordinator and an assistant to ensure continuity.
  • Full audit trails are maintained and incoming registration fees maintained in a fund until released at the appropriate times.
  • We will create tailor-made, unique conferences and events for you. From start to finish, saving you time, effort and frustration.
  • We create and host Pre and Post-conference surveys
  • Past experience and an insatiable desire to satisfy our clients’ needs ensure that we always deliver for you.

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Whether you’re an experienced or a first-time planner, you can maximize your results by outsourcing tasks to MPI.  We look out for you, our client, and we bring you years of experience, instantly.


We Coordinate = You Relax


A Few of Our Recent Events

  • 16th Congress For The International Association Of Sedimentologists – UJ
  • The Growth And Development Summit
  • Annual Budget Lekgotla
  • HIV Vaccine Trials, Section 21 Approvals & Amendments Conference
  • Traditional Healers Summit
  • SETA Graduation Ceremonies
  • Monetary Awards Evening
  • The Antimicrobial Resistance Congress
  • Metro Chiefs, HOD And Commissioner Breakfast Presentations
  • National Dock Labour Scheme Conference
  • Oncology Cross Function Conference
  • Colloquium of African Geology Congress
  • Sexual Offences Congresses
  • 9th International Mining History Congress www.Imhc.co.za
  • Company Law Symposium
  • Africa Intellectual Property (IP) Forum