Venue Finding – Free Service

Selecting the best suited venue for your event is critical to your program’s overall success.  We firmly believe that a correctly chosen venue not only enhances the entire meeting experience, leaving your attendees happy but also gives you a better ROI (Return on Investment).

MPI is a specialist venue finding agency, funded by convention centers, hotels, conference venues and event arenas, this allows us to offer you this service, completely FREE of charge.

The task of Venue Finding can be a time consuming and daunting task; so why not leave it to our qualified professionals who will do all the work for you.


We pride ourselves on going the extra mile, with high service levels and attention to detail so that you can concentrate on what really matters, which is getting the most from your event. If you are looking for a venue with a difference, we can:

  • Find you the perfect venue
  • Take away all the stress
  • Save you time and money
  • Search for sustainable and green venues


9 compelling reasons to let MPI source your venues

  1. Access to over 3500 venues throughout Southern Africa
  2. Offer Impartial advice on venues
  3. One point of contact for all your venue requirements
  4. We quote you three venues per event
  5. Absolutely no cost to you
  6. 12 hour turnaround time
  7. Offer assistance with budgeting and planning if required
  8. Negotiate discounts and added value
  9. Arrange site inspections with lunch and/or accommodation


Site Inspections

In our experience it is in your best interest to visit the quoted venues and experience them first-hand before committing to any of them.  All aspects of your site inspection will be arranged by us, and should you not be able to visit any venues, we’ll arrange the necessary visual material, getting you as close to the venue as possible.


Why is our venue finding service free to you?

We charge the venue a placement fee, much the same way an insurance broker, travel agent or bond originator charges for their service. We are in effect funded by the hotels, event, and conference venues that we use. You therefore get our services at absolutely no extra cost.


Type of venues that we book

Conference venues Historic venues Stadiums
Convention centres Unusual places Universities & Technikons
Hotels Theatres Museums
Civic centres Party venues Bush retreats & lodges

Our experienced team will match your exact needs with the right venue, in the right location, at the right price.


Your perfect venue is just a call away…

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