How to Plan Your Event Catering

The 1802 Restaurant at d’Ouwe Werf. Stellenbosch

“Rubber chicken circuit” is a phrase commonly used to describe events such as the one you are aiming to host. This is because most business delegates and politicians attend several events during a year. To avoid falling into this category, assess the guest profile.

To plan the catering of your event, you will need to assess the following:
Guest Profile
Guest Preferences
Provide Menu Choices
Seasonal and Fresh Items
Menu that Fits the Event Schedule
Comfortable Room Setup
Anticipate Special Needs
Ethnic or Regional Menus
Final Presentation

What is your Guest Profile?
Professional level of your guest
Frequency your guest attends similar events
Location where guests reside
Ethnic background of your guests

What are your Guest Eating Preferences?
By understanding your guest profile you can consider what menu options to offer.

For example:
Attendees concerned about health may prefer more seafood and vegetables options
Older groups of attendees may prefer a milder menu
Younger or middle-aged attendees may prefer spicier, more adventurous meals
With this in mind, you can consider…

Providing Menu Choices
By offering several choices, you can be assured that all guests will be pleased with what’s available.

General guidelines are:
At least two probably three choices of entrees
Three or more salad dressing options
Serve all condiments on the side
Two dessert options: healthy and very indulgent